Path To Empowerment Healing Channeled Message – Forgiveness and Compassion

Hey Be-Lovies🌹😍😍

What a week!!!! 😣

Since last I connected with you, we moved through the energy of the last Full Moon 🌚 of the Decade…..the Full Moon in Gemini♊. On the same day, at the same moment the moon turned full, we were ushered into the 12:12:12 Gateway. OMG Beloveds…..did you feel all of that beautiful energy.

We are still in the energy of this wonderful 12:12:12 portal and as it slowly closes (on 12:21, where 12 and 21 represents reflection and union) we will be invited to participate in the Winter Solstice (12:21 the Northwest Doorway between the west and the north) and blessed once again with another moon phase….the last New Moon of the Decade in Capricorn (12:26) and…..(Drum roll please) a Solar Eclipse…..WOWOWOW. 😮😳

Are you as excited as I am?🤗

Yes…I am so super excited.

In this video I share with you a Channeled Divine message about Forgiveness and Compassion.

Forgiveness is not about the other person….Forgiveness is a beautiful gift you give yourself that allows you to release the pain, trauma, resentment and the want to exact vengeance for wrongs you feel you experienced. It is not about holding on to the pain or forgetting what happened…it is about releasing the emotions and memories of the transgression and gifting yourself the freedom that comes from letting go of what hurt you.

It is very important for us to have compassion for ourselves and others….especially during these times of drastic change.

We are being asked…..Gently Urged to release and forgive. We can not take this heavy energy with us as we move forward!

Ask your Guides, Angels, Ancestors, Guardians, Higher Self, Soul, God or who ever you believe in for help!

You can do this!! YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!!!

I love you and I am here for you!


😘🥰 Love Jones

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