Hey Be-Lovies🌹😍😍

How have you been?

Life has become very challenging for ALL of US.

Sometimes when we face challenges, we also experience “fear”.

So…………..Let’s talk about “Fear” and what you can do to work through fear.

1. Do not figure things out by yourself. When you experience fear, you are prone to “react”. Talking out your experience of fear, can help you be more proactive.

2. Be real with yourself about how you feel. Don’t lie to yourself about how you feel or what you are fearful about. Denial is not the answer.

3. Practice self care. Don’t be hard on yourself, be kind to yourself.

4. Be ok with things you have no control over. You only have control over yourself and your emotions.

5. Practice mindfulness (Emotional Integration http://pathtoempowermenthealing.blogs…)

6. Focus on positive thoughts.

7. Train yourself to stop fear responses. Realize that it may simply be the fear of fear that you fear (OMG, yes, I had to read that a few times, but sit with it, it will make sense).

There are many ways to work through fear……….I just wanted to share a few with you.

We are built for this!!

I am here for you!


I love you 😘🥰

Love Jones

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Special thanks to Otis McDonald for the music. Song called “Inevitable Hope”. Check him out on Youtube: …https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCej6bRv8lR48AEbQvdb_9Cg

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