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In this vlog, I share info about a healing modality called “Infinity Healing”.

Tarek Bliss Bibi is the originator of “Infinity Healing”.  In his mid to late 20’s, Tarek had an awakening experience, studying different healing modalities, becoming a vegetarian and through all of his growth, cleansing and healing, he received a download for the powerful modality he calls “Infinity Healing”.

Infinity Healing is a powerful healing modality that connects you to the Infinite/Divine (God, Source, Higher Power, etc.) source energy for healing, clearing and transmutation.  The Infinity Healing Practitioner becomes a channel through which Universal Life Force Energy (Infinite, Divine, God, Source, Higher Power or who every you believe in) and the recipient does the healing.  Infinity Healing works under the premise that the Infinite/Divine is infinite, has infinite love for us and wants to and can do infinite things for us.  Infinity Healing connects directly with Infinite/Divine energy and your Higher Self (that knows you better than you know yourself) in deciding on what to work on.

During an Infinity Healing session, all aspects (ego, beliefs, conditioning, etc.) of you (and practitioner) are moved out of the way to allow the Infinite/Divine and your Higher Self to connect to you and work on what is ready to be healed.

Unlike other energy healing modalities, you will not have to keep coming back again and again for healing and clearing for the same issue.  During an Infinity Healing session, the healing is set on “auto-pilot”, where the Infinite/Divine and your Higher Self will continue to work on the issue (for as long as it is needed) until the healings is complete.

Through a series of prompts and questions, we connect to the Infinite/Source and your Higher Self, clear and release limiting beliefs, open up to see things from the highest perspective, clear and align the chakras, ground to the planet and Source, transmute and replace dense energies, download new energies, connect to timelines, clear and heal on all dimensions of time and space (sharing the healing with your children, family, ancestors, past, present and future lives), process and integrate the healing and run the healing on “auto-pilot”.

Infinity Healing is one of many healing modalities available to help us navigation through life and through healing.

If you would like to experience an Infinity Healing session, contact me.

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Special thanks to Otis McDonald for the music. Song called “Inevitable Hope”. Check him out on Youtube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCej6bRv8lR48AEbQvdb_9Cg

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