The February 2020 Full Moon (represents the end of a cycle, overflowing, being ripe, reaping the fruits of the seeds you have sown, link to relations and pull up all sorts of buried emotions) is exact on February 9th at 2:33 a.m., Eastern Standard Time.  This full moon is in the sign of Leo.  Leo is about courage, personal, pride, personality, spontaneity, optimism, self-expression, our capacity to love, our willpower, living from our center, our core, our truth — with joy in our heart. The Moon (intuition, psyche, illumination, emotion, receptivity, reaction, instinct, comfort) will take on more of the energetic qualities/characteristics of Leo during a full moon in Leo and will be felt by everyone in one way or another.  The Sun (our style, life purpose, our destiny, what you are learning to be in this lifetime) is still in Aquarius (Aquarius is unique with their visions and approach to life, visions of interconnected equality, impersonal, detachment, or overly intellectualized points of view, innovation) and in opposition (disagrees with) to the Moon.

During Full Moons, the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs, calling for us to find balance between the energetic patterns of the sign and the quality of how we experience these patterns under the influence of the signs.  Although the Sun and Moon are not considered “planets”, they still regulate the energy flow and indicate the form or shape of our experience. For example: During a Full Moon in Cancer, the Sun will be in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer. Cancer is the “opposite” of Capricorn. Cancer represents private life, domesticity, the need for a home base and nurturance versus Capricorn which represents public life, career, reputation and accountability.

Using this example, the Sun will regulate the Capricorn energy flow and shape your experience. Sun in Capricorn may bring energy of intense drive (Sun) for achievement (Capricorn).  While the Moon will do the same with Cancer. Moon in Cancer may have you feeling sentimental and emotionally sensitive (Moon) about your private life and family(Cancer). During a Full Moon in Cancer, you may be called to take a very close look at how you balance your home life and your professional life.

Apply this same concept with the Full Moon in Leo. Balance can be found by working with the qualities of Leo and Aquarius (polar opposites), or whatever two opposing signs the sun and moon are in during any Full Moon.

During this full moon in Leo, we are being asked to find balance between our capacity to love from our heart while using our intellectual reasoning in our relationships.  Ask yourself, “Am I thinking too much and not listening to my heart? Do I impulsively act on my feelings while ignoring my rational mind? How can I implement more of my heartfelt emotions into my life and my relationships? How does my train of thought effect the relationship I have with myself and with others?  How can I connect more with myself and others while still maintaining my individuality? Where, what and who do I need to detach from and still allow joy and love to flow from my heart?  What steps can I take to harmonize my heart and mind to establish deeper relationships?  What can I do to reinforce emotional security in my relationships while maintaining mental balance?  How can I maintain who I am while still contributing to all?

To add to the cake batter, some of us may already feel a prequel of the Mercury retrograde in Pisces energy. Mercury is the planet of communication, thoughts, technology, thoughts (mentioned twice for a reason), travel and damn near everything that deals with ideas and the mind. Pisces is a dreamy and emotional sign that is also very spiritual in nature. While in its retrograde phase, Mercury’s energy will be felt (and experienced) more internally, calling for us to take a moment to reflect, reanalyze, review and just rest for a moment while we take stock of what is really going on within us and in our lives. Not only will we experience Mercury on a more internal level, but it will be complimented with the energy/characteristics of Pisces.  So….you may experience intuitive divine communication with the higher realms or you may take what is said in a conversation personally because your thoughts (perceptions/perspectives) are influenced by your deep feelings and yearnings.  You may find that you are more compassionate and empathetic in your interactions with yourself and others, or may be able to feel into a conversation and pick up on things that are not really there!  You will most definitely experience the effects of Mercury retrograde when relating to yourself and others. Conversations, thoughts, perceptions, perspectives, you name it……this Mercury retrograde could add a bit more emotional sensitivity into our Mercury-ruled affairs.

The Full Moon in February is also known as the Snow Moon.  Through “his’tory”, the Snow Moon is also known as the Hunger Moon and occurs during the time of winter when people’s food rations started to dwindle down during the winter months.  Restlessness, destitution, irritation and despair surrounded this time of year, which is “said” to bring chaotic energy or unpredictable moods and actions. When we are faced with the reality that our basic needs are not going to be met, we have the capability to behave in desperate and sometimes shockingly selfish ways. (I really wanted to write “shockingly violent and inhuman ways, but I decided to be easy, lol. Well, I guess I wrote it anyway, lol!) This chaotic energy, coupled with the impulsive and spontaneous nature of Leo, may bring a Full Moon that will be memorable for quite some time.

This Full Moon is full of potential for personal and spiritual growth (actually, it can help you to grow and heal in any area of your life).  As yourself: “How can I better prepare myself, on all levels of my being, to deal with life in the event that one, some or all of my basic needs are not met or no longer available?  Well, we can look at a few animals to find ways to prepare.  Perfect example is the Bear.  The Bear will eat up to 90 lbs. of food each day in preparation for their winter slumber.  Now, I am not suggesting overeating or hoarding, but I am suggesting looking at what you consider your basic needs are and think of what you can do NOW to prepare yourself if those needs are not met in the future.  How can you mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, sexually (lol, you get what I am saying!) prepare yourself to live without your car (or anything else)? Asking yourself questions along these lines can lead to innovatively futuristic (Aquarius) solutions that you probably would not have the courage (Leo) to align with under harmonic planetary phases.

BUT…….There is a flip side to all of this.  Now, with all things in life…….we always have a choice! This Full Moon is no different.  Besides all of the things this full moon is asking of us and can help us with, we are also being presented with a choice! We can choose to just go with the flow of the energy and let it take us away on a trip or we can work with the energy and learn from what comes to the surface.  What comes up to the surface is not a curse or karma, it is actually a blessing and opportunity to grow, heal or release.  Ultimately, the choice is yours and how you react to your experiences during this Full Moon in Leo will define your battle between the personal (Leo) and the impersonal (Aquarius).

Calling in the energy of patience, tolerance, compassion and understanding will absolutely help you as you skillfully move through and work with the full moon energy.

I love you 😘🥰

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