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Infinity Healing Info

Hey Be-loveds, 🥰 In this vlog, I share info about a healing modality called “Infinity Healing”. Tarek Bliss Bibi is the originator of “Infinity Healing”.  In his mid to late 20’s, Tarek had an awakening experience, studying different healing modalities, becoming a vegetarian and through all of his growth, cleansing and healing, he received a […]

Path to Empowerment Healing Divine Channeled Message

Hey Be-Lovies🌹😍😍 How have you been? Sharing is caring and so is being “authentic”. Today’s message is all about stepping into who you are and being “Authentic”. How?????? 1. Recognize that we all wear masks. 2. Ask yourself which masks make you feel weird, odd or out of sorts. 3. Stop worrying about what others […]

Kundalini Reiki Information

Hey Be-Lovies🌹😍😍 Happy New Moon In Pisces! I wanted to share some information about Kundalini Reiki. 🤗 Kundalini Reiki is a healing modality that incorporates the techniques of Reiki with Kundalini energy. This healing modality works with and on your chakras! This is one of the first healing modalities I attuned to and is a […]

Full Moon in Leo

The February 2020 Full Moon (represents the end of a cycle, overflowing, being ripe, reaping the fruits of the seeds you have sown, link to relations and pull up all sorts of buried emotions) is exact on February 9th at 2:33 a.m., Eastern Standard Time.  This full moon is in the sign of Leo.  Leo […]

Path To Empowerment Healing Channeled Message

Hey Be-Lovies🌹😍😍 What a week!!!! 😣 Since last I connected with you, we moved through the energy of the last Full Moon 🌚 of the Decade…..the Full Moon in Gemini♊. On the same day, at the same moment the moon turned full, we were ushered into the 12:12:12 Gateway. OMG Beloveds…..did you feel all of […]

12:12:12 Gateway Portal

“Energy Portals” are openings/gateways/bridges/doorways form one place to another (or dimension/world/plane).  When energy portals open, we have the opportunity (through the least effort on our part) to connect more readily with Universal energy and receive Divine/Universal information.  Different types of information and energy come through portals, such as revelations, Divine energy (healing), Collective unconscious and conscious energy (hope, fear, […]