Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card Reading for Aries

                   Chakra Wisdom Oracle Card Reading for Aries

Hey Beloveds,

This Chakra Wisdom Oracle Wisdom Card Reading for the week is for Aries.

Don’t mind the little mix up with the heart and throat Chakra gemstones, I know you know the green gemstone is for your heart and the blue is for throat 🥰!

So, Beloveds, if you want to skip past the intro, your reading starts around 7:44.

Aries, your Chakra card for the week is Joy – Dancing Daisy.

Joy – Dancing Daisy: This vibrational energy is walking on air. A pure essence of joy comes through detachment. Daisy yellows brings joy, but does not experience it. Its purpose is to radiate what is inside. This powerful energy moves your projects forward. it is too detached to be creative, but will draw in assistance necessary to further your goals.

I love you 😘🥰

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