Path to Empowerment Healing – 10 Benefits of Laughter 😍

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Let’s talk about the Benefits of Laughter and what happens to your body when you laugh.

Laughing has so many health benefits! In this vlog I share 10 benefits of laughter with you.

  • 1. Relaxes your body
  • 2. Boost your immune system
  • 3. Helps mental wellbeing (minimizes depression)
  • 4. Protects the heart and cardiovascular system
  • 5. Helps burn calories
  • 6. Lowers stress/anger
  • 7. Helps you live longer
  • 8. Improves memory
  • 9. Promote creativity
  • 10. Diminishes (kills) pain

I challenge you to have a hearty laugh every day…… could be one of the best gifts you give yourself!


I love you 😘🥰

Love Jones

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