Path to Empowerment Healing – 10 Benefits of Laughter 😍

Hey Be-Lovies🌹😍😍 I hope you all are healthy and safe. Let’s talk about the Benefits of Laughter and what happens to your body when you laugh. Laughing has so many health benefits! In this vlog I share 10 benefits of laughter with you. 1. Relaxes your body 2. Boost your immune system 3. Helps mental […]

Path To Empowerment Healing: – 7 Things You Can Do To Work Through Fear!

Hey Be-Lovies🌹😍😍 How have you been? Life has become very challenging for ALL of US. Sometimes when we face challenges, we also experience “fear”. So…………..Let’s talk about “Fear” and what you can do to work through fear. 1. Do not figure things out by yourself. When you experience fear, you are prone to “react”. Talking […]

Path to Empowerment Healing 20 Things To Help Boost Your Immune System

Hey Be-Lovies🌹😍😍 How have you been? It is always important to be healthy and today I am sharing some things that I do to boost my immune system. 1. Eliminate fear from my energy field 2. Get some Sun 3. Breath properly. Inhale through nose, abdomen (diaphragm) expands with air. The air you breathe in […]

Path to Empowerment Healing Divine Channeled Message

Hey Be-Lovies🌹😍😍 How have you been? Sharing is caring and so is being “authentic”. Today’s message is all about stepping into who you are and being “Authentic”. How?????? 1. Recognize that we all wear masks. 2. Ask yourself which masks make you feel weird, odd or out of sorts. 3. Stop worrying about what others […]