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A few months ago I read a book that was very helpful to me and I want to share the information and tools of empowerment I got from the book. It has helped me so I definitely want to share the wealth.

The author of the book is Magenta Pixie and the name of the book is “Masters of the Matrix: Becoming the Architect of Your Reality and Activating the Original Human Template”. Magenta Pixie is a channel for the higher dimensional, divine intelligence known as “The White Winged Collective Consciousness of Nine”. She has a YouTube channel where she shares the information she receives through channeling.

In her book, she shares information from the “Collective” about Emotional Integration.

According to the “Collective”, Emotional Integration is a process in which you actively and consciously allow yourself to feel, observe and work with your emotions to help you get a better understand of how they play a major roles in your perspective, actions, interactions, reactions and relationships you have with others, yourself and your life.

Emotional Integration is also a powerful tool that can help empower you to move towards enlightenment, healing and have a better understanding of yourself and what your emotions are trying to tell you. This process can help you release the power that your emotions may have over you and how you experience and react to them and life. Emotional Integration can assist you to move deeper into the emotion and work towards healing the core reason why your experiences trigger unpleasant emotions and feelings.

We are gifted with emotions to help us align with our soul’s mission and heart’s desire. Our emotions let us know whether we are in or out of alignment with life and our desires.

This is how emotional integration works and it is best to use this tool while you are experiencing the emotions.

Suppose you have been working on a project on your computer for some time and it is almost complete. One day, as you are working on the project your computer suddenly shuts down. No sweat right, you know your work is on auto save and backed-up. You turn the computer back on and go to open up your project but you notice that it is no place to be found on your computer. You immediately go into the twilight zone….……..tunnel vision…….type of zone. After searching through your entire computer, you realize that your project is GONE!!!!!

You are PISSED!!!!

In a situation like this, our normal reaction/response would be to act according to how we feel (reactions/response would be to cuss, fuss, throw the mouse and probably want to bash the computer with the keyboard).

When you go through the process of emotional integration, instead of acting or reacting, you allow yourself the opportunity to get a better understanding of your emotions, feelings and yourself, which can lead to empowerment and healing.

So, you feel “PISSED”, sit with it (without reacting) and go through the process of:





ACKNOWLEDGEMENT” is when you come to terms with the fact that you are pissed. You can say to yourself, “I FEEL PISSED!”

If you work with archetypes, you can create an archetype for the emotion you are feeling. You can also create a color, shape or thing that represents your emotion. What ever comes to your mind that shows you what your emotion looks like, go with it.

You can even give the presentation of your emotion a name or call it the name of the emotions “Pissed”.

ANALYSIS” is when you take steps to discover the reason why you feel the emotion. Meditation, contemplation, prayer, writing, are forms of analysis.

During this step you may come to a realization that you do not know why you are feeling the emotion you feel. In this case you may have to do more analysis because our emotions tell us if we are in or out of balance or alignment with our heart and there is always a reason that our emotions come to the surface. So take a little more time and be creative with this step if nothing comes up the first time. The more digging and analysis you do, the more clear you will be on why you feel the emotion.

You may start to feel other emotions. If this happens, know that your emotions have layers and take the time to acknowledge and analysis each new emotions that come up. It may take extra time and effort, but it will be worth the work you put in now to see and feel the benefits of this process later.

You may come to a realization of why you are feeling the emotion and/or instantly know the resolution to the original emotion. If this is the case, know that you are moving in a healthy direction towards integrating your emotion.

Analysis may take you back to things you experience in the past so that you can bring those unhealed and unresolved thoughts and emotions to the surface to heal.

So, you come to the “analyzed” conclusion that you are “Pissed” because you worked so hard on this project and you feel lost, like you will not be able to start from scratch again and feel satisfied with your creation (project). You remember a few years ago when you started a similar project and you lost all of your work due to a glitch in your computer and you never completed that project because you felt lost and you just gave up. You also never gave yourself another shot at the project, just accepting the fact that you failed because the computer broke.

GRATITUDE” is when you recognize that the emotion is there to tell you something or to show you something. During this step, you show gratitude for the emotion coming into your life, you thank the emotion for being a part of you and thank the emotion for being there to help you figure out the reason (“Analysis”) that you feel it.

“Pissed” thank you for showing up and helping me to see that I did not fail. I now see that this is an opportunity for me to come to terms with the fact that I am not a failure just because the computer broke. The broken computer may be an open door for me to redo my project better than the first time. My failure is not determined by a broken computer, it is determined by if I follow through with my dreams and goals of completing this project and seeing it till the end, no matter what!” It may take some time for all of us to get to this point of gratitude, but you get the picture!

When you can come to an understanding of why you feel your emotions, then you are able to start the healing process and become empowered.

INTEGRATION” is when you actively combined all parts to make or function as a whole. We work through all of the steps we just spoke about (Acknowledgement, Analysis and Gratitude as we are feeling the emotion) which helps us to take responsibility for appropriately expressing our feelings in a way that will help us to feel whole. Integration helps us figure out ways to not only express ourselves, but heal, nurture and empower ourselves, assisting in the process of understanding where our feelings are truly coming from (perceptions, perspectives, memories, beliefs, etc.) and enabling us to work towards identifying how to work with our feelings, get back into alignment with our life path and heart’s desires.

Ok, so, I felt pissed because my project was deleted by my computer when it shut down and this triggered emotions I felt from a past situation that was very similar. The past situation had me feeling like I was a failure, so I decided to just give up and not complete the project. I “perceive” that this is the same situation because the feelings and circumstances seem the same. The similarities triggers me to feel “Pissed” and interpret my current situation the same as I did in the passed.

Now that I sat with my feelings, acknowledged them, analyzed them, showed gratitude and made all of these connections, I have a better innerstanding of where all of this is coming from. I can now move forward with my healing because now I know that the computer issue does not mean I am a failure. I can think of a few solutions to resolve my challenge. The crashed computer is not going to stop me from completing my project and living my dream. I am going to fix my computer or get another one, back up my project on a disk (solutions). I now know that these feelings came back up so that I could heal (I am not a failure), grow (I innerstand where these feelings are coming from a prior situation I experience) and be able to work with my emotions and past experiences to grow and be empowered (I know that I can resolve/solve what ever challenges I face). With these steps, I am empowered to decide how I want to feel and appropriately act on my feelings and move towards balance, healing and growth. My emotions and feeling no longer rule my life!!! I am the master of my emotions and my destiny!!!

Who wants to actually do this? YOU DO………because something brought you to this post to read!

You are worth this and so much more!!!!!

I love you!😘🥰

Love Jones

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